10 Reasons...

*The weather was stunning!
*My boy and I rode our bikes 4 miles, and we didn't die. ;)
*I listened to a 4yr. old tell me about Sasquatch. Too cute.
*I found out that my brother will be representing our state at the National Fine Arts level in three different categories (print making, duet, and Reader's Theatre). Way to go, Joel!
*I rearranged my furniture. Always makes me happy.
*My nails finally got painted... creamy tangerine and maude!
*Adam and I shared a very romantic dinner. <3
*We got our NeedtoBreathe tickets!! Can't wait.
*I tried Taco Bell's Dorritos Locos... umm.. can you say, "addicted"?
*I got a pretty decent Michael Scott fix. Yes. I'm a nerd.

Hope your week was beautiful as well. Looking forward to more sunny weather along with some lunch and movie dates with friends. Life is good.


1 comment:

  1. Doesn't rearranging furniture make everyone happy?!?! LOVE IT!!
    Oh, and CONGRATS to Joel!!!!