Spring is here!!

Rory-cat sure loves spring! How about you? Any fun spring projects in the works yet? xo.Megan


Home Sweet Home

There are few places I love more than my home. It's quaint, cozy, and smells like us. It's where we make messes and memories, share laughter and dreams. This is the place that I get to be me completely. Sometimes it takes a lot of work to make a house into a home and that task, most oftentimes, falls to the woman of the house. I take my job of turning this structure of bricks and mortar into a place of refuge and solace very seriously. I love to decorate and add our personalities to this place. I love to make sure that the material things used here reflect who we are as individuals. I take pride in keeping our home clean and comfortable. I'm thankful for this duty even though, at times, it seems like a burden and I will proudly wear the title of, "Homemaker". xo.Megan

Oliver the Busy Dog

Oliver has been quite the busy dog lately. He helped his daddy and I with some fun backyard projects this weekend and he chased the mailman (literally), ran two poor neighbor kitties into their own basement, and managed to get covered in gray paint from a neighbor's freshly painted table. Sometimes his little, brown spot makes him do some pretty bad things.
 Oh, well. A bath, a timeout, and a nap later he was back at it yet again. We sure do love this frisky puppy. xo.Megan & Oliver too.


Everyday Runway // Hidden Stairwell

Sometimes it's nice to have a day just for gathering inspiration. That's what last Friday was for me and my Mr. We went to one of my favorite places to visit... my dad's office! He works in an old print shop with the greatest nooks and crannies. He showed us an old stairway that I had never seen before, and I instantly fell in love. I think it would make the most amazing office space. The lighting was perfect, so I snapped a few outfit shots of me and the boy. *sigh* I love a good dose of inspiration and natural lighting. What about you? xo.Megan


Honey, I'm home!!!!

Between planning retreats, cleaning my house, working, and just dealing with life... I was a little busy. I didn't really intend on taking a break from blogging, it just kinda happend. It's good to be back though. Lots of ideas brewing over on this end of the computer. Can't wait to share with you guys! xo.Megan

Ps- Hello, to all my new followers!!! Thanks for joining me!!!


Oliver- On Vintage Pillows

Oliver the Dog is guest blogging today here at The Mrs. He's going to share his thoughts on using vintage accents in the bedroom. Take it away, Oliver!

Hello! This is Oliver Dog here talking about vintage pillows. I know my Mom likes to put these fancy, floral-y pillows on the bed because she thinks they look pretty, but I love them because they make the bed extra cozy for sleeping! I also like to sit on top of them and drink out of the Starbucks cup I stole from the coffee table when Mom and Dad aren't home. Ssh.. Oh, and I guess they do look kinda pretty too... but don't tell Mom I said that! Xo. Oliver the Dog

Melancholy Stares

I just had to share this pic of Oliver Dog. He's got star quality if you ask me. I mean look at that profile! We are sad over in these parts though because a doggie-friend of ours got hit by a car and is at the emergency vet's office. We are going to be making some doggie treats, human treats, and a card to take over to our friend, Teddy's, owner. Praying he gets better soon! xo.Megan & Oliver