Shirt Painting

This is my very first D.i.Y. post! I'm going to show a really simple way to spruce up an old t-shirt.
*masking tape
*fabric paint
(not shown: acrylic paint and paint brushes)

First you'll want to tape off a design on your t-shirt. I chose a heart with some stripes... simple enough.

Next, start painting in your design. Since my shirt was black I had to give my design a white base coat with an acrylic paint. 


Once your design has dried all the way you can peel off your tape.

I wanted to add a litte more detail to my white design, so I used a fabric marker to give my shirt a little more character.

Go ahead and  add some detail to your design.

And there you have it! You're very own, newly re-vamped t-shirt.

Hope you enjoy it!


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