Sweet Job

My Dad has one of the best jobs ever. Just look at some of the stuff he gets to work with everyday-

{Pix 1. Seed filled paper 2.Camera 3 Diecut}

My Dad gets to work with paper, Photoshop, cool clients, and graphic design all the time. Oh, and my dad is pretty cool too. I mean look at this desk. Who wouldn't think he was cool?

{Pix c/o my Dad's instagram}

I owe my parents a lot for helping me to become who I am today.

I have my Dad to thank for my love of paper and all things design. I have my Mom to thank for my constant desire to rearrange furniture and the ability to decorate with ease and passion.
I have some pretty amazing parents who helped me develop such a wide variety of

Too bad my Mom doesn't have Instagram. I bet she would have some crazy awesome pix too.

I'll keep working with her on that one.


Looking forward to spending some quality time with my parents this weekend.



  1. Aw, how sweet! Parents truly are awesome :D

  2. Ah thanks Megan! I miss you being a cuddly, curly headed toddler - but I am sure enjoying the adult you!! Love Mom
    P.S. Instagram sure is cool - but do you think you could handle all the pix of Scooby I would take!! lol