1st Saturday // Shopping

A good friend of mine and I have a tradition. Every first Saturday of the month we get up early, grab some Starbucks, and race to get the closest parking spot at our local Goodwill.

Goodwill is pretty much our favorite place to shop, and on the first Saturday of the month... everything is 50% off!!!

It gets pretty serious, folks.

Since this Saturday is the big day, I thought I would share a few things I'll be looking for.

*Mint Green Pants

*Vintage Dress (always)

*Multi-colored Belt

*Vintage Potholders

*Rugs (Kitchen/Bathroom)

*Shelving (Chrome)

*TV Stand

*Anything I can use for a future project.

Can't wait!


1 comment:

  1. I think I could get you a pair of my mint green pants from 1986