Everyday Runway // a Plaid Shirt & a New House

Friends of ours just bought a house! Seems so crazy, such an "adult" thing to do. I guess that's what happens after college though. So the boy and I went to go help them celebrate such a big accomplishment and I decided to get a little spruced up for the occasion.

{Chambray button up- Kohls // Plaid Top- Thrifted // Skirt- Thrifted // Belt- Thrifted // Boots- Kohls // Tights- Too old to remember... }
After a tour of the new house, talk about how to get rid of ugly wallpaper, & a bathtub picture we finished the night out with some celebratory Cherry Cokes at Steak-n-Shake. It was a good night and I'm so looking forward to all the memories we are going to make with our best pals in their new home. I guess being an adult isn't so bad after all. xo.Megan