Thrifting Tips: 101

I've been thrifting for awhile now. I mean, I know by some standards I'm still a "newbie" to this thing but I feel like I do have some insight to share. So, with that said, a new series is born!
First things first, before you ever step foot into a thrift store you should probably have a plan or at least a list to help guide you through the seemingly never-ending aisles and bins full of second hand treasures. I like to keep a running list of items I'm looking for (clothing items, housewares, craft items, etc.) in my purse that way it's always with me when I go thrifting. Having this list with me keeps me accountable to the projects I'm working on and helps keep my eye focused on finding the things that I really want to add to my personal collections or my home.

It is so easy to over buy when thrifting. In order to keep your spending (and your closet space!) in check keep your list up to date and with you. Hope this little tip has helped! xo.Megan

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