Have you met Oliver?

This is Oliver the Dog. He's a pretty cool cat, uh, I mean dog. His hobbies include lounging on the couch, chasing squirrels, playing with his cat brother (Rory), eating candy, and being man's best friend. Sometimes his evil, brown spot will act up and it makes him do things like eat the trash, poop on the floor, and chew Mom's underwear. We love him even when his spot is evil though. He's our real boy who knows all kinds of tricks and is so very smart. Oliver prefers vintage bowls to keep his toys in and he just can't resist a tall, warm pile of clean laundry to take a little nap in.
Sometimes he forgets that the people on the tv aren't real and he barks and growls to protect us from that mean, scary Jimmy Fallon standing in our living room. He thinks video games are pretty cool but he gets a little freaked out by The Walking Dead and has to hide his eyes under the blankets. We love our little Oliver Dog and don't know what we would do with out him. Thanks for being so great, Bub. Don't ever change... well, you could stop pooping on the floor, but we're working on that. Xo.Mom

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