My Fave // Snack

I'm a snack-y kinda girl so I'm always hunting in the cabinets for something yummy to munch on. Well, other day I came up with a pretty ingenious snacktime combination.
I just love all the different flavor combinations going on here. You've got the creamy cheese paired with the crunchy texture of the crackers and the craisins just add a fun fruity tartness that completes the trio. So good!!! And I feel like it's pretty good for you too. I mean, I know it's better than that zebra cake I had for breakfast... Do you have a go-to snack in your cabinets? xo.Megan


  1. Mm!! Yeah, I love to snack, too.

    Believe it or not, I head straight for 'my' dill pickles. I get mad if anyone else eats them.