Oliver- On Vintage Pillows

Oliver the Dog is guest blogging today here at The Mrs. He's going to share his thoughts on using vintage accents in the bedroom. Take it away, Oliver!

Hello! This is Oliver Dog here talking about vintage pillows. I know my Mom likes to put these fancy, floral-y pillows on the bed because she thinks they look pretty, but I love them because they make the bed extra cozy for sleeping! I also like to sit on top of them and drink out of the Starbucks cup I stole from the coffee table when Mom and Dad aren't home. Ssh.. Oh, and I guess they do look kinda pretty too... but don't tell Mom I said that! Xo. Oliver the Dog


  1. Oliver should do more posts.

  2. I agree with Brian. I really like Oliver. He's so cute! haha!


  3. Oh he's so cute! He looks like my Reveille....Jacks are some of the best dogs and companions. -Jessica L