Thrifting 101 // Part 2

Okay, folks! Here it is- the second part to my thrifting series! This time let's focus on those ever-tempting project pieces.
You know the ones I'm talking about. It's that beaten up, old dresser with the missing knobs begging to be repainted or that beautiful dress that's, "just missing a button". These pieces draw you in with their potential but oftentimes are left in the garage, closet, or- can we be real?- the car once they are purchased. Items like these can seem so amazing because 1. They're a great deal! 2. I know there is a Pinterest tutorial for that somewhere... 3. C'mon, I just love it! Now, if you're that super organized woman with a perfect track record for completing projects you can just leave this post right now and go finish sanding that awesome end table, BUT if you're like me with a not-so-clean record regarding projects let's think about things for a minute.
When you pass those really tempting projects pieces ask yourself a few questions first-
*Will I for real get this done within the next week? *Do I know exactly what I'm going to do with it once it's completed? *Can I reasonably get the resources I need to complete this project, or do I already have them? *Am I really sure I want another thing added to my "to do" list?
If you can answer those questions with a firm, "YES!" then go ahead and get it you DIY-diva, if not, maybe you should pass this project piece up and wait for the next 1/2 day sale. I'm sure you'll find something equally awesome then... if you're ready for it! If you follow these simple suggestions I'm sure your budget, your closet, and your husband will thank you. Xo.Megan

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