A Word

Just a quick word to let you all know that I'm still alive. With a short weekend and back to my regular, busy routine with the girls, this week has been about survival. I do have some big news from last week, a couple projects, and outfit posts to share! So, please stick around. : )

On another note- Who is ready for spring!?!?! I seriously can't wait to for the season to turn. My boy and I have been eargerly planning our garden and backyard rennovation plans and we can't wait to turn that rather blah space into something magical. *sigh* Spring is almost here. I just know it. xo.Megan


  1. Yes, I can't wait till spring :)

  2. spring--- after today in chicago i don't feel like it is ever going to come!

  3. I can feel spring coming and I cant be more excited about it! it's still chilly down here in Amsterdam, but I believe it will be warm and nice in a month or two and that I can wait for! :)