Here's to the Weekend

Here's to- lots of coffee (White Chocolate Raspberry Mocha is my current fave... it's pink!), time spent with my boy & our family, some creativity, garden planning- Eeek!, extra time with the littles, my wonderful church family, and maybe some shopping & project tackling.
Weekends are always so short& full, but they leave us with the promise of another one to come. I so enjoy being home and busy doing things I love, that make our home a more beautiful place, and that provide a a creative, cozy space for my family to enjoy.
I'm so thankful for my job which allows me the opportunity to help support my family by contributing to our income & by having more time spent at home. God was so good when He blessed us with this new position of mine. I've felt so much more relaxed, creative, and energized. So, here's to the weekend & good changes. With spring right around the corner, this change came at the perfect time.
Thank you, Lord, for Your constant goodness despite my daily failings. You are Merciful & Mighty, Worthy of all my praises. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your love. Amen.


  1. Coffee really helps make my day, and love spending time making my home more cozy and pretty as well! -Jessica L

    1. It's so much fun to put together rooms that are fun to spend time in. Definitely my favorite. :)


  2. that owl jewellery is so adorable!