Valentine's Date Night // Part 2

Here's the wrap up of some ideas how to celebrate Valentine's day and save your budget! 
 Nothing is more romantic than a picnic, especially a Valentine's picnic. Head out right before the sun sets with your best picnic gear, some candles, and Pandora's Valentine station. Add your favorite cozy brew and you are in for a romantic, yet frugal way to celebrate V-day.
My boy & I have a favorite local eatery that we like to pretend is our "secret spot", although most of our friends know about it too! There is someting romantic about spending time with the one you love in a place you both love. Our favorite spot just happens to already be romantic with dim lighting, local art displays, and a street view of the town. If you and your significant other don't have a favorite local spot, maybe this is the Valentine's to find one! What a fun adventure. : )

I'm excited to plan Valentine's Day with my boy. I think this year will be a good mix of something we will both love & we plan on celebrating without spending over our budget. : ) Hope these ideas help get your creative juices flowing. Happy planning!


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