My "look"

I've always been somewhat jealous of people who have their own "look". You know? They always wear their hair that one super-cute way, or they can get their eyeliner just right for their eyes. Well, I got to thinking the other day that maybe, just maybe, I had kind of stumbled into my own "look". I think I can break down my "look" into 3 parts-

// The bangs- They're new. They're fun. And, yes, I know Zooey Deschanel is rocking them now too but, hey, so can I! ; ) // The lips- I kind of am in love with red lipstick. It wears off a little fast for my taste, but I found a tinted chapstick that is great for touchups. // The curls- Not much to say here. I was born with them and I'm still not 100% certain on how to manage them... It feels pretty good to have found a few things that I love enough to wear everyday. Knowing me they'll probably change at some point, but I'll let you know when that happens. What do you consider your "look" to be? xo.Megan

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