Sick-y at Home

Just a couple of snapshots from what's been going on around here. Not a whole lot, as you can tell. My boy has been sick & in between doctor's appointments & Gatorade runs I've been watching a lot of Netflix & doing my nails. Kind of a blah, gray, & sicky week in these parts. Hoping for some thrifting this afternoon & maybe I'll get the chance to use up what's left on my Starbucks card. Hmm... sounds like a good afternoon to me. : ) Oh, and I might need to buy a couple of gallons of Lysol while I'm out as well. Definitely don't want this bug again...


  1. Aw, hope he gets better! Yeah, shopping and Starbucks is always a good way to spend your afternoon. ;)

    1. Thanks! He is feeling better! And I got some Starbucks and shopping in. : )